Vanessa Carrión Upson de Harper


"The Brooklyn-based musician launches an ambitious visual album with images of traditional dances from her ancestral Perú, transporting the listener to a reality where heritage opens a door to a parallel dimension where death feels luminous and bittersweet."


Seven Mouths

Seven Mouths (Siete Bocas) is the debut song cycle by Vanessa Carrión Upson de Harper. "The Thrush" is the first release of this seven-song visual album. Filmed in the San Teodoro cemetery in Piura, Peru where her mother's relatives are buried, the film features Vanessa's 100 year-old grandmother, a local cast of groundskeepers, mourners and dancers performing a traditional Peruvian folk dance - the Marinera Norteña.


Backed by members of yMusic ensemble, "The Thrush" explores themes of remembrance and love after death.

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